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Teaching Quality: What preparation and practices matter?

Representation in the Classroom: The Effect of Own-Race/Ethnicity Teacher Assignment on Student Achievement
Purpose: To test claims that minority teachers can boost the performance of minority students
Issue/Topic: Student Achievement--Closing the Achievement Gap Teaching Quality
Author(s): Egalite, Anna J.; Kisida, Brian; Winters, Marcus A.
Organization(s): University of Arkansas; University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Publication: Economics of Education Review
Published on: 1/31/2015
Findings/Results: Overall, the results indicate that assignment to an own-race/ethnicity teacher has positive math and reading achievement impacts for black, white and Asian/Pacific Islander students. 

Own-race/ethnicity matching effect on reading achievement:

Who Enters Teaching? Encouraging Evidence that the Status of Teaching is Improving
Purpose: To determine if New York State's teacher improvement and recruitment policies, implemented beginning in the 1990s, affected the academic abilities of incoming teachers
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Recruitment and Retention
Author(s): Lankford, Hamilton; Loeb, Susanna; McEachin, Andrew; Miller, Luke C.; Wyckoff, James
Organization(s): University of Albany; Stanford University; North Carolina State University; University of Virginia
Publication: Educational Researcher
Published on: 11/1/2014
  • The academic ability of newly-certified or newly-hired first-time teachers in New York State declined from 1986-1999, but academic abilities for this same group improved substantially after 1999.
  • Results suggest that while the academic abi...

Effectiveness of a Curricular and Professional Development Intervention at Improving Elementary Teachers' Science Content Knowledge and Student Achievement Outcomes: Year 1 Results
Purpose: To examine the effect of teachers' science content knowledge on student achievement outcomes
Issue/Topic: Curriculum--Science; Teaching Quality--Professional Development
Author(s): Diamond, Brandon S.; Maerten-Rivera, Jaime; Rohrer, Rose Elizabeth; Lee, Okhee
Publication: Journal of Research in Science Teaching
Published on: 1/1/2014
Findings/Results: From the literature:
  • Professional development courses integrating science content knowledge and pedagogy have been found to increase teachers' confidence in teaching science.
  • Professional development that includ...

Student Math Achievement and Out-of-Field Teaching
Purpose: To investigate the distribution of math teachers with a major or certification in math using data from the National Center for Education Statistics' High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (HSLS:09). To show how HSLS:09 can be used to analyze the distribution of qualified teachers in mathematics.
Issue/Topic: Curriculum--Mathematics; Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure--Assignment
Publication: Educational Researcher
Published on: 10/1/2013
  • A majority of students in ninth grade have teachers with a major and certification in math. However, 10% of ninth-graders have math teachers with neither a major nor certification. More ninth-graders need expanded access to mat...

Measuring the Impacts of Teachers II: Teacher Value-added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood
Purpose: To estimate the long-term impacts on a student of being assigned to a high VA teacher
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Chetty, Raj; Rockoff, Jonah; Friedman, John
Organization(s): National Bureau of Economic Research
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper
Published on: 9/1/2013
  • Teacher VA has substantial impacts on a broad range of long-term outcomes, including:
    • increased college attendance rates
    • increased quality of the colleges students attend, as measured by average earnings of prior gra...

The Influence of Teachers' Knowledge on Student Learning in Middle School Physical Science Classrooms
Purpose: To test two hypotheses: whether teachers’ knowledge of a science concept predicts student gains on that concept; and whether teachers’ knowledge of common student misperceptions to a concept they are teaching also predicts student gains on that concept.
Issue/Topic: Curriculum--Science; Teaching Quality--Preparation
Author(s): Cook-Smith, Nancy; Coyle, Harold; Miller, Jaimie; Sadler, Philip; Sonnert, Gerhard
Organization(s): Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published on: 1/1/2013
  • Subject matter knowledge is an important predictor of student learning.
  • Teachers who know their students' most common misconceptions are more effective than teachers who do not. This may allow teachers to construct experiences, d...

Where Should Student Teachers Learn to Teach?: Effects of Field Placement School Characteristics on Teacher Retention and Effectiveness
Purpose: To examine the effects of learning to teach in difficult-to-staff and underserved schools on teacher retention and effectiveness.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Preparation
Author(s): Ronfeldt, Matthew
Publication: Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Published on: 3/1/2012
  • Learning to teach in easier-to-staff field placement schools has positive effects on teacher retention and student achievement gains, even for teachers who end up working in the hardest-to-staff schools.
  • Teachers who learned to te...

Varying Teacher Expectations and Standards: Curriculum Differentiation in the Age of Standards-Based Reform
Purpose: To explore whether and how teachers interpret students' social and academic differences in deficit ways when they are expected to assist students with attaining common academic standards.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Teacher Attitudes
Author(s): Harris, Donna
Publication: Education and Urban Society
Published on: 1/18/2012
  • The data show that standards in and of themselves did not remedy the challenges that schools and teachers confronted with students of varying academic skills and engagement. 
  • Beliefs held by teachers about students and their famil...

Effective Teachers for At-Risk or Highly Mobile Students: What are the Dispositions and Behaviors of Award-Winning Teachers?
Purpose: To examine what constitutes effective teaching, particularly with at-risk or highly mobile students.
Issue/Topic: At-Risk (incl. Dropout Prevention); Instructional Approaches; Teaching Quality--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Grant, Leslie; Popp, Patricia; Stronge, James
Organization(s): Old Dominion University; The College of William & Mary
Publication: Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR)
Published on: 11/10/2011

Findings from In-Classroom Observation

Teachers identified as effective with at-risk or highly mobile students:

  • Thoroughly integrated questioning and student response during instruction and they all ask...

Teaching Practices and Social Capital
Purpose: To explore how teaching practices transmit or impact social capital
Issue/Topic: 21st Century Skills
Author(s): Algan, Yann; Cahuc, Pierre; Shleifer, Andrei
Organization(s): Ecole Polytechnique; Harvard University, Department of Economics; Sciences Po, Department of Economics
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper
Published on: 1/1/2011

1. Teaching methods vary systematically across countries.

  • Students work in groups more in Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) and Anglo-Saxon countries (Australia, the United States and to a lesser extent Great Britain). This teachi...

Teacher Training, Teacher Quality and Student Achievement
Purpose: To analyze the effects of both pre-service and in-service training on teacher productivity while addressing the twin selection problems associated with teacher acquisition of training and assignment of students to teachers.
Issue/Topic: Student Achievement; Teaching Quality; Teaching Quality--Professional Development
Author(s): Harris, Douglas; Sass, Tim
Organization(s): The Florida State University; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Publication: Journal of Public Economics
Published on: 11/25/2010
  • Experience enhances the productivity of both elementary and middle school teachers, but not high school teachers.
  • Overall, in-service professional development (PD) is associated with either no change or a reduction in teacher pro...

Implicit Prejudiced Attitudes of Teachers: Relations to Teacher Expectations and the Ethnic Achievement Gap
Purpose: To determine if prejudiced attitudes of teachers influence expectations, treatment and academic achievement of minority students.
Issue/Topic: Minority/Diversity Issues; Student Achievement--Closing the Achievement Gap; Teaching Quality
Author(s): Denessen, Eddie; Holland, Rob; Hornstra, Lisette; van den Bergh, Linda; Voeten, Marinus
Organization(s): Eindhoven University of Technology; Radbound University Nijmegen; University of Amsterdam
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published on: 1/19/2010

Analysis of elementary teachers and students revealed that explicit measures of teacher prejudice (e.g., attitudes explicitly expressed via questionnaire) were not correlated with differential evaluations of minority students or the size of the achieve...

Race, Gender, and Teacher Testing: How Informative a Tool Is Teacher Licensure Testing?
Purpose: To analyze the information teacher licensure tests provide about teacher effectiveness.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Certification and Licensure
Author(s): Goldhaber, Dan; Hansen, Michael
Organization(s): University of Washington
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published on: 1/1/2010
  • Licensure tests have different predicative validity for student achievement by teacher race. Student achievement is impacted by the race/ethnicity match between teachers and their students, with Black students significantly benefiting from being ...

Measure for Measure: The Relationship Between Measures of Instructional Practice in Middle School English Language Arts and Teachers' Value-Added Scores
Purpose: To determine what classroom practices, if any, differentiate teachers with high impact on student achievement in middle school English Language Arts (ELA) from those with lower impact.
Issue/Topic: Teaching Quality--Evaluation and Effectiveness
Author(s): Boyd, Donald; Cohen, Julia; Grossman, Pam; Hammerness, Karen; Lankford, Hamilton; Loeb, Susanna; Wyckoff, James
Organization(s): Stanford University; Stanford University School of Education; University of Albany, Center for Policy Research; University of Albany, School of Education; University of Virginia Curry School of Education
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper
Published on: 1/1/2010

The findings reveal consistent evidence that high value-added teachers have a different profile of instructional practices than do low value-added teachers.

1. Explicit Strategy Instruction appears to distinguish the more effective (i.e., high v...

Identifying Effective Classroom Practices Using Student Achievement Data
Purpose: To link student achievement gains to specific teaching practices and behaviors--as opposed to general judgments by principals.
Author(s): Kane, Thomas; Taylor, Eric; Tyler, John; Wooten, Amy
Publication: National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper
Published on: 1/1/2010

The results demonstrate relationships between practices measured in Cincinnati's Teacher Evaluation System (TES) and student achievement growth. During the TES process, teachers generally receive four evaluations throughout the school year by train...

Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge, Cognitive Activation in the Classroom, and Student Progress
Purpose: To investigate the extent to which teachers' content knowledge (CK) and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) influence instructional quality, consequently affecting students' learning gains in mathematics.
Issue/Topic: Curriculum--Mathematics; Teaching Quality--Preparation
Author(s): Baumert, Jurgen; Blum, Werner; Brunner, Martin; Jordan, Alexander; Klusmann, Uta; Krauss, Stefan; Kunter, Mareike; Neubrand, Michael; Tsai, Yi-Miau; Voss, Thamar
Organization(s): Max Planck Institute for Human Development; University of Bielefeld; University of Kassel; University of Luxembourg; University of Michigan; University of Oldenburg
Publication: American Educational Research Journal
Published on: 1/1/2010

Teachers' CK and PCK scores proved to be highly dependent on the type of training program they had attended. In the US, there is wide variety in teacher preservice training, thereby making it difficult for researchers to define treatments and provi...

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