Accountability and Reporting: State Profile

Accountability and Reporting: State Profile - South Dakota

May 2018

Accountability Current Plan
Rating System in Current Policy Descriptive
Minimum Factors in Elementary/Middle School Rating
  • Attendance/Chronic Absenteeism
  • Student Achievement
  • Student Growth
Minimum Factors in High School Rating
  • College and/or Career Readiness
  • High School Graduation Rates
  • Student Achievement
Statute & Regulation Citations ARSD 24:55:03:01-:05
Other Sources of Current System Report Card

SEA Accountability Website
Notes for Current System
Accountability ESSA Plan
Rating in ESSA Plan Index
Indicators & Weights in ESSA Plan for Elementary/Middle School
  • Achievement Gap - 20%
  • Attendance/Chronic Absenteeism - 10%
  • English Language Proficiency/Progress - 10%
  • Student Achievement - 40%
  • Student Growth - 20%
Indicators & Weights in ESSA Plan for High School
  • College and/or Career Readiness - 25%
  • English Language Proficiency/Progress - 10%
  • High School Graduation Rates - 12.5%
  • Student Achievement - 40%
  • Other (See Notes column) - 12.5%
ESSA Plan SD ESSA Plan (approved)
Notes for ESSA Plan Other: High school completion measured by diploma or equivalency.

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