Accountability and Reporting: State Profile

Accountability and Reporting: State Profile - Kentucky

May 2018

Accountability Current Plan
Rating System in Current Policy Other
Minimum Factors in Elementary/Middle School Rating
  • English Language Proficiency/Progress
  • School Climate/Culture
  • Student Achievement
Minimum Factors in High School Rating
  • College and/or Career Readiness
  • English Language Proficiency/Progress
  • High School Graduation Rates
  • School Climate/Culture
  • Student Achievement
Statute & Regulation Citations KRS § 158.6455
Other Sources of Current System Report Card

SEA Accountability System
Notes for Current System Rating: Statute specifies that rating must "not consist of a single summative numerical score that ranks schools against each other." 

Per current regulations, accountability system has three components: Next Generation Learners (see 703 Ky. Admin. Regs. 5:200; describes different indicators from statute), Next Generation Instructional Programs and Support (see 703 Ky. Admin. Regs. 5:230), and Next Generation Professionals (regulation to be promulgated by the state board).
Accountability ESSA Plan
Rating in ESSA Plan 1-5 Stars
Indicators & Weights in ESSA Plan for Elementary/Middle School
  • Achievement Gap - 15-25%
  • School Climate/Culture
  • Science Achievement/Growth & Social Studies Achievement/Growth - 15-25%
  • Student Achievement - 15-25%
  • Student Growth (includes English Language Proficiency/Progress) - 20-30%
  • Other (See Notes column) (includes Well-Rounded Education (Access/Participation), Attendance/Chronic Absenteeism, School Climate/Culture) - 5-10%
  • Other (See Notes column) - 10-20%
Indicators & Weights in ESSA Plan for High School
  • High School Graduation Rates - 5-15%
  • Achievement Gap - 10-25%
  • Science Achievement/Growth & Social Studies Achievement/Growth - 10-20%
  • Student Achievement - 10-40%
  • Other (See Notes column) (includes Well-Rounded Education (Access/Participation), Attendance/Chronic Absenteeism, School Climate/Culture) - 10-20%
  • Other (See Notes column) (includes English Language Proficiency/Progress)  - 15-30%
ESSA Plan KY ESSA Plan (approved)
Notes for ESSA Plan Science Achievement/Growth & Social Studies Achievement/Growth: Includes performance on state tests in science, social studies, and writing (equal weight for each).  

Other: The Opportunity & Access indicator varies for elementary, middle, and high school students incorporates multiple measures, including access to arts, health, science, social studies, CTE, cultural studies, world languages, gifted and talented services, rigorous coursework, and measures of school climate through chronic absenteeism, behavior events, and restraint/seclusion. 

Other: Transition Readiness in elementary and middle school: students meet "a benchmark on a composite score that combines student performance in reading, mathematics, science (in elementary at grade 4; in middle at grade 7), social studies and writing (in elementary at grade 5; in middle at grade 8)." Transition Readiness in high school: "students earn a regular or alternative high school diploma and achieve academic readiness or career readiness (additional credit for those in high-demand sectors)."

Weights: Weights listed represent the lower and upper ranges possible for each indicator - see p.72-73 of ESSA plan.

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