Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile

Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile - New Jersey

May 2014

R = Teacher must return to begin the next school year or sign a contract committing to service in the next school year. Unless otherwise noted, all years listed as required for nonprobationary status are academic years.

Teacher Tenure 2014
Requirements for earning nonprobationary status For teachers hired prior to 8/6/2012:
3 + R

Beginning in the 2012-13 school year:
4 + R
In addition, a teacher must complete a district mentorship program during the initial year of employment and receive a rating of "effective" or "highly effective" in 2 annual summative evaluations within the first 3 years of employment after the initial year of employment.
Notification of nonrenewal and hearing Notice: Unclear

Hearing: Arbitrator after review by state commissioner of education or person appointed by the commissioner

The commissioner of education maintains a panel of 25 permanent arbitrators: 8 are designated by the New Jersey Education Association, 3 are designated by the American Federation of Teachers, 9 are designated by the New Jersey School Boards Association and 5 are designated by the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association.
Appeal forum State board of education
Other continuing contract provisions n/a
Reasons for dismissal 1. Inefficiency – the superintendent is required to file a charge of inefficiency when: (a) a teacher is rated "ineffective" or "partially effective" and is rated "ineffective" in the following year; (b) a teacher is rated "partially effective" in two consecutive evaluations or is rated "ineffective" and the following year is rated "partially effective"
2. Incapacity
3. Unbecoming conduct
4. Other just cause
Reduction in force provisions Based primarily on seniority.

Dismissals resulting from reduction in force must not be made by reason of residence, age, sex, marriage, race, religion or political affiliation but must be made on the basis of seniority according to standards to be established by the commissioner with the approval of the state board.
Last known revision 2012

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