Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile

Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile - Pennsylvania

May 2014

R = Teacher must return to begin the next school year or sign a contract committing to service in the next school year. Unless otherwise noted, all years listed as required for nonprobationary status are academic years.

Teacher Tenure 2014
Requirements for earning nonprobationary status Hired prior to 06/30/96:

Hired on or after 06/30/96:
Notification of nonrenewal and hearing Notice: Unclear

Hearing: Required before the local board of education
Appeal forum Superintendent of public instruction
Other continuing contract provisions n/a
Reasons for dismissal 1. Immorality
2. Incompetence
3. Unsatisfactory teaching performance based on 2 consecutive ratings of the employee's teaching performance that are to include classroom observations, not less than 4 months apart, in which the employee's performance is rated as unsatisfactory.
4. Intemperance
5. Cruelty
6. Persistent negligence in the performance of duties
7. Willful neglect of duties
8. Physical or mental disability as documented by competent medical evidence, which after reasonable accommodation of such disability as required by law substantially interferes with the employee's ability to perform the essential functions of his/her employment
9. Advocating of or participating in un-American or subversive doctrines
10. Conviction of a felony or acceptance of a guilty plea or nolo contendere therefore
11. Persistent and willful violation of or failure to comply with the school laws of the commonwealth

If an employee is to be dismissed for incompetence or unsatisfactory teaching performance, the employee must be rated under an approved rating system.
Reduction in force provisions Based primarily on seniority.

Professional employees are suspended in inverse order of seniority within the school entity of current employment.
Last known revision 1996

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