Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile

Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile - Oklahoma

May 2014

R = Teacher must return to begin the next school year or sign a contract committing to service in the next school year. Unless otherwise noted, all years listed as required for nonprobationary status are academic years.

Teacher Tenure 2014
Requirements for earning nonprobationary status For teachers employed prior to full implementation of Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluation System (TLE):

For teachers first employed after full implementation of TLE either:
3 and has rated “superior” for at least 2 of the 3 years, with no rating below “effective;” or
4 and has averaged a rating of at least “effective,” with at least an “effective” rating for the last 2 years; or
4 with principal petition and superintendent and school board approval.
Notification of nonrenewal and hearing Notice: 1st Monday in June

Hearing: Local board of education, conducted according to procedures established by the state board of education
Appeal forum Decision of the school board is final
Other continuing contract provisions A probationary teacher who has not attained career teacher status within a 4-year period must be dismissed or not reemployed.
Reasons for dismissal 1. Willful neglect of duty
2. Repeated negligence in performance of duty
3. Mental or physical abuse to a child
4. Incompetence
5. Instructional ineffectiveness
6. Unsatisfactory teaching performance
7. Commission of an act of moral turpitude.
8. Felony conviction unless pardon issued
9. Criminal sexual activity (sodomy) that impedes effectiveness of school duty performance
10. Sexual misconduct (soliciting or imposing of criminal sexual activity that impedes effectiveness of school duty performance)
11. Abandonment of contract
12. A rating of "ineffective" in two consecutive school years
13. A rating of "needs improvement" or lower for three consecutive school years
14. Failure to average a rating of at least "effective" over a 5-year period
Reduction in force provisions Based primarily on teacher performance.

The primary basis used in determining the retention or reassignment of teachers when a school district implements a reduction-in-force plan is the ratings of the teachers.
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