Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile

Teacher Tenure 2014 - State Profile - Indiana

May 2014

R = Teacher must return to begin the next school year or sign a contract committing to service in the next school year. Unless otherwise noted, all years listed as required for nonprobationary status are academic years.

Teacher Tenure 2014
Requirements for earning nonprobationary status Under contract prior to 7/2012 + R

After 6/30/2011, a probationary teacher is a teacher who is under contract, but was not under any contract prior to 7/2012, and has not received a rating or has been rated "ineffective" and has not received three ratings in a 5-year period of "effective" or "highly effective." 

A professional teacher is a teacher who receives a rating of "effective" or "highly effective" or a combination of both for at least 3 years in a 5-year or shorter period.

Under contract prior to 7/2011:
2 + R for semi-permanent teachers
5 + R for permanent teachers

Return to probationary status;
A professional teacher with a rating of "ineffective" is considered probationary, but is not subject to the cancellation if his or her contract unless the teacher receives another "ineffective" rating the following year or the contract cancellation is due to reduction in force or the teacher receives two consecutive "improvement necessary" ratings.
Notification of nonrenewal and hearing Notice: Between May 1 and July 1 for reduction in force

Hearing: Conference with superintendent, then governing body of school corporation at teacher's request but no arbitration or hearing for dismissals based on incompetence
Appeal forum Governing body decision is final
Other continuing contract provisions For contracts prior to 7/2011: Indefinite contracts have 2 levels: permanent and semi-permanent.

Reasons for termination of semi-permanent teachers include, "the cancellation is in the best interest of the school corporation.” All hearing and contract procedures are the same.
Reasons for dismissal 1. Immorality
2. Insubordination, which means a willful refusal to obey the state school laws or reasonable rules prescribed for the government of the school corporation
3. Justifiable decrease in the number of teaching positions
4. Incompetence, including receiving (a) an "ineffective" designation on 2 consecutive performance evaluations or (b) an "ineffective" designation or "improvement necessary" rating in 3 years of any 5-year period
5. Neglect of duty
6. A conviction for any of the 31 felonies enumerated in § 20-28-5-8
7. Other good and just cause.
Reduction in force provisions Based primarily on teacher performance.

The cancellation of teachers’ contracts due to a justifiable decrease in the number of teaching positions is determined on the basis of performance rather than seniority. In cases where teachers are placed in the same performance category, any of the items in IC 20-28-9-1.5(b) may be considered.
Last known revision 2011

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