State Kindergarten Policies

State Kindergarten Policies - Illinois

March 2014

State Kindergarten Policies
Compulsory School Age Age 6 on or before September 1 (eff. 2014-2015)
Kindergarten Entrance Age Age 5 on or before September 1
Age Exemptions / Waivers Opt-in: Age <5, local board decision based on readiness

One enrolled in kindergarten, a child falls under compulsory schooling laws
Child Must Attend Kindergarten No
District Must Offer Kindergarten Yes - Half Day
District Offering Exemptions / Notes Districts may offer kindergarten for children aged 4-6. Only 1 year of kindergarten will be paid for by the state unless a child is held back after attending at age 5.
Minimum Required Days / Hours for Kindergarten 2 hours per day for half-day kindergarten
(~360 hours per year)
4 hours per day for full-day kindergarten
(~720 hours per year)
Kindergarten Entrance Assessments Not specified in statute
Curriculum and Alignment Early Learning Standards are aligned with K-12 standards and include benchmarks in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical Development and Health, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Social/Emotional Development
Kindergarten Standards K-12 Common Core Standards:
English/Language Arts

K-12 State Standards (Illinois Learning Standards):
Social Studies

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Physical Development and Health

Early Learning State Standards:
English/Language Arts
Social Studies

English Language Learner Home Language Development
Physical Development and Health
Social/Emotional Development
The Arts
Teacher:Student Ratios Not specified in statute

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