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School Discipline
What may a student be suspended or expelled for? Bullying
Defiant or disruptive behavior
Destruction of property
Drug use/possession
Felony conviction
Firearm/weapon possession
Leaving school without permission
Physical harm or threat of physical harm
Truancy/excessive absenteeism
Violating school rules
Violating traffic/safety regulations
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416
What must a student be suspended or expelled for? Assault
Committing an offense for a fourth time
Failure to participate in assigned detention
Firearm/weapon possession
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416
Are there limitations placed on suspension or expulsion? Grade level: Students in prekindergarten-5 must not be suspended or expelled for a violation not tied to willful disregard of school policies. Students in K-5 expelled for firearm/weapon possession receive a reduced mandatory expulsion, 2 semesters instead of 4. Suspension for possession of a knife is mandatory, unless the student is in prekindergarten-5.
Violation type: Firearm/weapon possession does not apply to weapons instruction/approved courses.
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416
Are there non-punitive approaches outlined as alternatives to suspension or expulsion? Alternatives to discipline encouraged: Students in Kindergarten and Elementary grades may be offered alternative classrooms, intervention or prevention programs. For violations related to bullying, disciplinary action may include referral for counseling on conflict resolution, social and family responsibility, peer mediation and stress management. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416.17
Are there alternative schooling options available for students who are suspended or expelled? Yes. School boards may establish alternative schools for students with behavior problems. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:100.5
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416.2
When is a school required to involve law enforcement in student discipline? Violations concerning: Firearm/weapon possession La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 14:95.2
Is corporal punishment permitted? Yes. Local decision. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:416.1
La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:223
Does the state outline reporting requirements for suspension and expulsion? Not specified in statute or regulation.

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