Teacher License Reciprocity: State Profile

Teacher License Reciprocity: State Profile - Nevada


Description Citation/Link
State certification / licensure website http://www.doe.nv.gov/Educator_Licensure/
State information on reciprocity http://www.doe.nv.gov/Educator_Licensure/Reciprocity/
Has the state signed the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement? Yes. Nevada is a participant in the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.
Does the state have full reciprocity by statute for out-of-state teachers? Yes. State statute requires the Commission on Professional Standards to adopt regulations which provide for reciprocal licensure of educational personnel from other states. N.R.S. 391.032
Does the state have additional coursework requirements in place for out-of-state teachers? Yes, but not for all candidates and not immediately. Out-of-state candidates must complete all courses of study and other requirements for a license in the state, but may be eligible to teach under a provisional license for one year while completing any remaining requirements. N.R.S. 391.032
N.R.S. 391.090
NAC 391.056
Does the state provide a test-out or other exemption option for coursework requirements? No.
Does the state have additional assessment requirements in place for out-of-state teachers? No. An out-of-state applicant is exempt from licensure assessment requirements if the applicant successfully passed the examination(s) in his/her sending state. Most valid and unexpired licenses will directly transfer without verification of passing licensure examinations. However, some conditional, provisional, residency, temporary, or other license types will require additional documentation to determine eligibility. N.R.S. 391.019
N.R.S. 391.021
Does the state have different requirements in place for experienced and inexperienced out-of-state teachers? No.
Does the state require out-of-state teachers with experience provide evidence of effectiveness? No.
Does the state provide special reciprocity for out-of-state teachers with advanced credentials? Yes. Nevada has three main licensure levels: Provisional, Standard and Professional. Out-of-state candidates who obtain a reciprocal license are eligible to receive a Professional License.
Does the state provide special reciprocity (or other supports) for military spouses? Yes. State statute require opportunities for reciprocity of licensure for any person who holds a valid out-of-state license and who is a spouse of an active member of the Armed Forces or surviving spouse of a veteran. State statute also authorizes the Department of Education to waive licensing fees for these individuals. N.R.S. 622.510
NRS 391.040

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