Transfer and Articulation State Profile

Transfer and Articulation State Profile - Florida

June 2018

Transferable core of lower-division courses: A set of general education courses agreed upon across all public postsecondary institutions. It must be fully transferable at all public institutions. Institutions may have different naming conventions; however, if that is the case, there is a crosswalk for institutions to use in the transfer process.

Statewide common-course numbering: A uniform numbering convention used at all public postsecondary institutions for lower-division courses.

Statewide guaranteed transfer of an associate degree: Guarantees students who are awarded an associate degree before transfer to a four-year institution can transfer all of their credits to the four-year institution and enter at the junior-standing level. The majority of policies state that students are not required to complete any further general education courses.

Statewide reverse transfer: Requires all public institutions to implement the process of retroactively granting an associate degree to students who had not completed the requirements of an associate degree before they transferred to a four-year institution.

Yes/No Description Citation
Transferable core of lower-division courses Yes The chair of the State Board of Education and of the Board of Governors must appoint faculty committees to identify statewide general education core course options. All public postsecondary institutions must accept these courses as meeting general education core course requirements. FL. Stat. § 1007.25
Statewide common course numbering Yes The Department of Education and the Board of Governors must develop, coordinate, and maintain a statewide course numbering system for postsecondary and dual enrollment education in school districts, public postsecondary institutions and participating non-public postsecondary institutions. Fla. Stat. § 1007.25
Statewide guaranteed transfer of an associate degree Yes The State Board of Education and the Board of Governors must enter into a statewide articulation agreement. The articulation agreement must specifically provide that every associate in arts graduate will have met all general education requirements and must be granted admission to the upper division of a state university or Florida College System institution. Fla. Stat. § 1007.23
Statewide reverse transfer Yes Students at state universities may request associate in arts certificates if they have successfully completed the minimum requirements for the degree. The university must grant the student an associate in arts degree if the student has successfully completed minimum requirements for college-level communication and computation skills and 60 academic semester hours. Fla. Stat. § 1007.25

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