Social studies assessments grades (if any)

Social studies assessments grades (if any)

April 2018

This information was collected from state department of education websites and through contact with state department staff and therefore may not reflect what is required in state statute or regulation. State assessment systems vary widely, and the information below may not fully capture the unique qualities of each system. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact Julie Woods at

Social studies assessments grades (if any)
Alabama U.S. citizenship test (beginning 2018-19)
Arizona U.S. citizenship test
Arkansas U.S. citizenship test (beginning 2018-19)
Colorado 4 & 7 (CMAS Social Studies) Administered using a sampling approach; 1/3 of elementary and middle schools
Delaware 4, 7, & 11 (field test) (Pearson)
District of Columbia
Florida Civics, U.S. history
Georgia 5, 8, U.S. history & economics
Idaho U.S. citizenship test
Indiana 5 & 7
Kansas 6, 8, & 11 (only administered in even years)
Kentucky 5, 8 (U.S. history to be field tested in 2019-20)
Louisiana 3-8, U.S. history (DRC)
Maryland Government
Michigan 5, 8, & 11
Minnesota U.S. citizenship test
Mississippi U.S. history (RFP to determine vendor)
Missouri U.S. government
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico 11
New York Global history and geography; U.S. history & government
North Carolina
North Dakota U.S. citizenship test
Ohio American history & american government (class of 2018 and beyond)
Oklahoma U.S. history (Not administered in 2017-18 while state revises test)
Rhode Island
South Carolina 5 & 7 (SCPASS): U.S. history & the constitution
South Dakota
Tennessee 3-8; U.S. history/geography, U.S. citizenship test
Texas 8 & U.S. history
Utah U.S. citizenship test
Virginia VA studies (4 or 5); civics & econ (6, 7 or 8); EOCs
West Virginia
Wisconsin 4, 8, & 10

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