International Baccalaureate: State Public Postsecondary Institutions Must Award Credit for Minimum IB Scores

International Baccalaureate: State Public Postsecondary Institutions Must Award Credit for Minimum IB Scores

Why does it matter?

  • Students benefit when postsecondary institutions within a state set consistent standards on the amount and type of credit entering and transferring students receive by earning minimum IB exam scores.

  • Eleven state policies explicitly require either four-year postsecondary institutions or all postsecondary institutions to award postsecondary credit to students who earn minimum scores on IB exams.
  • However, most of these 11 states allow individual institutions to determine the specific courses, minimum IB exam scores, and amount of credit awarded for successful performance on IB assessments.
  • States with no written policy in this area do not appear below.

    Sources for all data points are accessible through this link.

    What is International Baccalaureate? For more details on the IB Diploma Program, please refer to this summary for state policymakers or visit the IB Web site.

    Methodology: This information was collected from state statutes, regulations and postsecondary governing board policy manuals, and will be updated as new policies and programs are enacted.

    Last update: August 20, 2007

    This database was compiled by Jennifer Dounay, project manager, ECS High School Policy Center. For questions, additions or corrections: 303.299.3689 or

State public postsecondary institutions must award credit for minimum IB scores
Alabama No
Alaska No
Arizona No
Arkansas No
California No
Colorado Yes, for public 4-year institutions. The amount of credit awarded and the minimum test scores required for credit to be granted is set by each governing board of public 4-year institutions. However, a minimum of 24 semester credits must be granted, unless a student has received a score less than 4 on an IB diploma exam, in which case the number of semester credits awarded must be reduced accordingly. Each governing board of a 4-year public postsecondary institution must also "identify the specific general education or elective requirements" fulfilled by the IB diploma program and must set forth the "conditions necessary to award the credits."
Connecticut No
Delaware No
District of Columbia No
Florida Yes. The state board of education must identify the minimum scores and IB exams that "will be used to grant postsecondary credit at community colleges and universities." The state department of education must determine the course(s) for which credit must be awarded for each IB exam. A maximum of 30 semester credit hours may be awarded any student for IB exam scores. "Each community college and state university must award credit for specific courses for which" students have passed an IB exam, "unless the award of credit duplicates credit already awarded."

State board of education policy notes that each bachelor's degree program offered by a university must be designed so that at least 25% of degree requirements may be completed by one of several methods, including the IB program or a combination of IB and other acceleration mechanisms.
Georgia No
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois No
Indiana No
Iowa No
Kansas No
Kentucky No
Louisiana No
Maine No
Maryland No
Massachusetts No
Michigan No
Minnesota No. "The colleges and universities of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system must award, and the University of Minnesota and private postsecondary institutions are encouraged to award, college credit to high school students who receive a score of ... four or higher on the international baccalaureate program examination."
Mississippi No
Missouri No
Montana No
Nebraska No
Nevada No
New Hampshire No
New Jersey No
New Mexico No
New York No
North Carolina Yes, although each institution within the University of North Carolina determines the minimum IB scores, type and amount of credit awarded.
North Dakota Yes. A credit-by-exam chart outlines the credit hours and equivalent college courses for which students may receive credit for a score of 4 or higher on an IB exam.
Ohio No
Oklahoma No, although when institutions do award postsecondary credit for IB scores, exam scores must meet or exceed the minimums recommended by the American Council on Education for national examinations, at least a four (on a seven-point scale) in the Higher Level course in the International Baccalaureate program[.]"
Oregon Yes. "Each of the seven undergraduate universities in the Oregon University System gives credit-by-examination through" the IB program, though minimum scores and the amount of credit vary by institution.
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island No
South Carolina Yes. Public higher education institutions all articulate high school IB coursework for academic credit using individual institutional standards. Working within the framework of the state’s Education and Economic Development Act, a statewide study group is currently developing a common IB policy for all public institutions, which is anticipated to be implemented in 2007.
South Dakota Yes. A document on the South Dakota Board of Regents Web site outlines IB courses, their postsecondary course equivalents, and the credit to be awarded for minimum scores.
Tennessee No
Texas Yes. Each public institution of higher education must adopt a policy to grant credit to students who have completed the IB diploma program. Institutions must award at least 24 semester credit hours in appropriate subject areas for completion of the IB diploma program, although an institution may grant fewer than 24 credit hours if a student earned a score below 4 on an IB exam.
Utah Yes. According to the Utah State Board of Regents R470-9.1.3, "Credit should be granted for International Baccalaureate examinations and/or diplomas as determined by each institution." In practice, all public postsecondary institutions in the state are awarding credit to students passing IB exams; academic departments determine the amount of credit awarded and the courses for which credit is granted.
Vermont No
Virginia No
Washington No
West Virginia No
Wisconsin Yes. All University of Wisconsin System campuses must award college credit for scores of 4 or higher on an IB Higher Level (HL) exam. Additional credit must be awarded students who complete the IB diploma program. Most campuses do not award credit based on the results of IB Standard Level (SL) exam results.
Wyoming Yes. The University of Wyoming is the sole public senior institution in the state and provides credit for minimum scores on IB exams.
Puerto Rico No

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