District Must Offer Kindergarten

District Must Offer Kindergarten

March 2014

District Must Offer Kindergarten:
• Yes - Half Day: statute requires districts to offer at least a half day of kindergarten. Districts choosing to offer full day kindergarten would also meet this requirement.
• Yes - Full Day: statute requires districts to offer a full day of kindergarten. States may also offer a half day program.
• Yes - Half Day and Full Day: statute requires districts to offer two options for children; a half day program and a full day program.
• No - Districts are not required to offer kindergarten.
• 11 states plus DC require districts to offer full day kindergarten
• 34 states require districts to offer half day kindergarten
• Five states do not require districts to offer kindergarten

District Must Offer Kindergarten
Alabama Yes - Full Day
Alaska No
Arizona Yes - Half Day
Arkansas Yes - Full Day
California Yes - Half Day
Colorado Yes - Half Day
Connecticut Yes - Half Day
Delaware Yes - Full Day
District of Columbia Yes - Full Day
Florida Yes - Half Day
Georgia Yes - Half Day
Hawaii Yes - Half Day
Idaho No
Illinois Yes - Half Day
Indiana Yes - Half Day
Iowa Yes - Half Day
Kansas Yes - Half Day
Kentucky Yes - Half Day
Louisiana Yes - Full Day
Maine Yes - Half Day
Maryland Yes - Full Day
Massachusetts Yes - Half Day
Michigan Yes - Half Day
Minnesota Yes - half day
Mississippi Yes - Full Day
Missouri Yes - Half Day
Montana Yes - Half Day
Nebraska Yes - Half Day
Nevada Yes - Half Day

*In certain school districts, the lowest performing schools with the highest numbers of limited English proficient students will start offering full-day kindergarten and free prekindergarten programs.
New Hampshire Yes - Half Day
New Jersey No
*The Abbott Districts are required to offer Full-Day Kindergarten. Multiple districts sued and one of the remedies was funding full-day K. 
New Mexico Yes - Half Day
New York No
North Carolina Yes - Full Day
North Dakota Yes - Half Day
Ohio Yes - Half Day
Oklahoma Yes - Full Day
Oregon Yes - Half Day
Pennsylvania No
Rhode Island Yes - Half Day
South Carolina Yes - Full Day
South Dakota Yes - Half Day
Tennessee Yes - Full Day
Texas Yes - Half Day
Utah Yes - Half Day
Vermont Yes - Half Day
Virginia Yes - Half Day
Washington Yes - Half Day*Full-Day K is being phased in beginning in the 2012-13 school year, beginning with the highest poverty schools. Statewide implementation will be achieved by 2017-18.
West Virginia Yes - Full Day
Wisconsin Yes - Half Day
Wyoming Yes - Half Day
*Statute requires one Full Day program per district

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