Teacher:Student Ratios

Teacher:Student Ratios

March 2014

Teacher:Students Ratios: Set the maximum number of students per each teacher permitted in a classroom.
  • Minimum ratio is 1:15 (New Mexico and New York)
  • Maximum ratio is 1:30 (South Carolina)
  • Some states specify ratios if an aide or teaching assistant is in the classroom, ranging from 2:20 to 2:30
  • 17 states plus the District of Columbia do not specify a ratio in statute
  • Ratios are locally determined in Wisconsin

Teacher:Student Ratios
Alabama 1:18
Alaska Not specified in statute
Arizona Not specified in statute
Arkansas 1:20 or 1:22 with instructional aide
California Not specified in statute
Colorado Not specified in statute
Connecticut Not specified in statute
Delaware 1:22 (instructional aide is counted as half of a teacher)
District of Columbia Not specified in statute
Florida 1:18
Georgia 1:18 or 1:20 with a full-time aide for core subjects
Hawaii Not specified in statute
Idaho Not specified in statute
Illinois Not specified in statute
Indiana Not specified in statute
Iowa Districts are instructed to expend funds to reduce class sizes to the state goal of 1:17.
Kansas Not specified in statute
Kentucky 1:23 or 2:24 with an aide
Louisiana 1:20
Maine Districts may adopt a program to reduce K-2 class size to a recommended ratio of 1:15 and a maximum of 1:18.
Maryland Not specified in statute
Massachusetts 1:25
Michigan Not specified in statute
Minnesota Revenue may be used to reduce and maintain the district's average class size in kindergarten through grade 3 to a level of 1:17.
Mississippi 1:22, 2:27 with an assistant teacher. 1:16 is recommended.
Missouri 1:25
Montana 1:20
Nebraska Not specified in statute
Nevada 1:16
New Hampshire 1:25 max, 1:20 goal
New Jersey 1:25
*1:21 in Abbott districts
New Mexico 1:15 or 2:20 with assistant teacher
New York 1:15 or 2:22
North Carolina 1:21 maximum, 1:18 funded ratio
North Dakota 1:25
Ohio 1:25
Oklahoma 1:20 or 2:29 with aide
Oregon Not specified in statute
Pennsylvania 1:22; 2:27 with an aide, 2:30 with an assistant teacher, or 3:30 with two aides.
Rhode Island Revenue may be used to reduce class size to an ideal ratio of 1:15.
South Carolina 1:30
South Dakota Not specified in statute
Tennessee 1:25
Texas Age Districts must maintain an average ratio of 1:20.  No more than 22 students may be enrolled in a K-4 classroom.
Utah Not specified in statute
Vermont Not specified in statute
Virginia 1:24 or 1:29 with an aide
Washington 49 teachers for every 1,000 students (49:1,000) school requirement (~ 1:20) per classroom
West Virginia 1:20
Wisconsin Locally Determined
Wyoming Goal of 1:20

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