Type of funding

Type of funding

November 2014

There are three main ELL program funding models:
  • Formula funded: ELL funding is included in the state’s primary funding formula (34 states).
  • Categorical funding: Funding is allocated outside of the state’s primary funding formula through separate line items (nine states).
  • Reimbursement: Funding is allocated outside of the state’s primary funding formula. Districts are reimbursed after costs are accrued (three states).

Unless otherwise noted, all information in this resource was gathered from state statutes only and does not include policies in state-level guidance documents or arising from court orders.

Type of funding
Alabama Categorical funding
Alaska Formula funded
Arizona Formula funded
Arkansas Formula funded
California Formula funded
Colorado Categorical funding
Connecticut Formula funded
Delaware There is no state funding for ELL.
Florida Formula funded
Georgia Formula funded
Hawaii Formula funded
Idaho Categorical
Illinois Reimbursement 
Indiana Categorical funding
Iowa Formula funded
Kansas Formula funded
Kentucky Formula funded
Louisiana Formula funded
Maine Formula funded
Maryland Formula funded
Massachusetts Formula funded
Michigan Reimbursement 
Minnesota Formula funded
Mississippi There is no state funding for ELL. The state relies on Title III funds.
Missouri Formula funded
Montana There is no state funding for ELL in Montana. The state relies on Title III funds.
Nebraska Formula funded
Nevada Categorical funding
New Hampshire Formula funded
New Jersey Formula Funded
New Mexico Formula funded
New York Formula funded
North Carolina Formula funded
North Dakota Formula funded
Ohio Categorical 
Oklahoma Formula funded
Oregon Formula funded
Pennsylvania Categorical funding
Rhode Island There is no additional state funding designated specifically for ELL. However, the state's funding formula provides an additional weight for poverty, based on Free and Reduced Price Lunch counts, that is meant to get at the added cost of ELL. 
South Carolina Formula funded
South Dakota Formula funded
Tennessee Formula funded
Texas Formula Funded
Utah Categorical funding
Vermont Formula funded
Virginia Formula funded
Washington Formula funded
West Virginia Categorical funding
Wisconsin Reimbursement
Wyoming Formula funded

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