Service-Learning Policies: State Profile
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Service-Learning Policies: State Profile

January 2014

This report displays the state policy information ECS has collected for the selected state. Please note that the state standards and curriculum framework entries are not all inclusive, rather they highlight examples of state standards and frameworks that support citizenship education (when applicable).


Service-Learning Policies
Statewide high school service requirement No
Credit toward graduation for service-learning or community service School districts are required to adopt a policy that is supportive of community service and provides an incentive, such as recognition or credit, for students who participate in community service.

WA ST 28A.320.193
State explicitly permits districts to adopt a service requirement for high school graduation No
Service-learning is included in state standards and/or frameworks The learning standards for social studies have a goal to build in each student a commitment to civic participation. The commitment is identified as the result of social studies education that includes opportunities for students to understand and experience their own power to make a positive difference through service to their communities and the world.

Washington State K-12 Social Studies Learning Standards: Version 1.2. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, January 2013. [Accessed December 27, 2013.]

The career and technical education program standards require that each CTE course include extended learning in the community/family and business/industry, managed and supervised by certified CTE teachers.

Career and Technical Education Program Standards 2011. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, 2011. [Accessed December 27, 2013.]
Service-learning is identified as an instructional strategy to increase student achievement No
Service-learning is identified as a strategy to increase student civic engagement No
Other policies relating to service-learning No
Policies that support, encourage or require service-learning professional development for teachers No
Policies that support, encourage or require service-learning professional development for administrators No
Funding provided by state for service-learning Community learning center grant funds may be used to carry out a broad array of out-of-school activities that support and enhance academic achievement. The activities may include, among other things, entrepreneurial education and community service.

Wash. Rev. Code Ann. § 28A.215.060
State received federal funding for K-12 service-learning through the Corporation for National and Community Service No
Service-learning is identified as a means of preparing students for the workplace No

This database will be updated as we learn of policy changes. If you have comments about the information presented or the database, please contact Paul Baumann at or 303.299.3608. Creation of this database was made possible in part through the support of the State Farm Companies Foundation.

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