P-16/P-20 Councils: Made Permanent by Executive Order or Statute
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P-16/P-20 Councils: Made Permanent by Executive Order or Statute

Councils have been established by executive order in 11 states, by statute in 10 states, and through voluntary agreements in 14 states. In two states (Delaware and Louisiana), councils were established by executive order and later codified through legislation. In Montana and Utah, councils were created by a board of education resolution.

It should be noted that in many states, an executive order or legislation has either made permanent or reconstituted a council initially created through a voluntary agreement. This database indicates the method of creation of the current P-16 or P-20 council in each state.

Why does it matter?

Sources for all data points are accessible through this link.

Methodology: ECS performed an initial search of statutes, regulations and executive orders. However, because many P-16 and P-20 councils are established independently of these means, ECS conducted interviews with and had all data verified by at least one contact in the state (typically a P-16 or P-20 council member or staff member supporting the council).

Last update: May 28, 2008

This database was compiled by Jennifer Dounay, project manager, ECS High School Policy Center. For questions, additions or corrections: 303.299.3689 or jdounay@ecs.org.

Made permanent by executive order or statute
Arizona Yes—executive order
Arkansas Yes—statute
California No-informally established

Colorado Yes—executive order
Connecticut No—informally established
Delaware Yes—executive orderWhile the council was initially created by executive order in 2003, 2005 legislation established the council in statute.
Florida Yes—statute
Georgia No—informally established
Hawaii No—informally established
Idaho Yes—statute
Illinois Yes—statute
Indiana Yes—statute
Kansas Yes—executive order
Kentucky No—informally established
  • Yes—statute
    Notes/Citation: The High School Redesign Commission began meeting on a voluntary basis in 1994, was established by executive order in 1999, and was established in statute in 2005.
  • No—informally established
    Notes/Citation: The Blue Ribbon Commission for Educational Excellence is a voluntary partnership.
  • Maine Yes—executive order
    Maryland Yes—executive order
    Minnesota No—informally established
    Mississippi No—informally established
    Missouri Yes—statute
    Montana Yes—board of education resolution
    Nebraska No—informally established
    Nevada Yes—statute
    New Hampshire Yes—executive order
    North Carolina Yes—statute
    Ohio Yes—statute
    Oklahoma Yes—statute
    Oregon Yes—statute
    Pennsylvania No—informally established
    Rhode Island Yes—executive order
    South Carolina Yes—statute
    South Dakota No—informally established
    Tennessee No—informally established
    Texas Yes—statute
    Utah Yes—board of education resolution
    Virginia Yes—executive orderThe current executive order is set to expire this July 2008. However, a new executive order will be established and there is an intention to introduce legislation to codify the council in the 2009 General Assembly session.
    Washington Yes—executive order
    West Virginia Yes—executive order
    Wisconsin No—informally established
    Wyoming No—informally established

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