High School Feedback Reports: Frequency of report?

High School Feedback Reports: Frequency of report?

August 2017

This database only includes information for states that have established a high school feedback report or system. It does not contain any information for the states that do not have a report or system. 

Frequency of report?
Alabama Annually
Arizona Annually
Arkansas Annually
Colorado Annually
Connecticut Annually
Delaware Annually
Florida Annually
Georgia Biannually
Hawaii Annually
Idaho Biannually
Illinois Annually
Indiana Annually
Iowa Annually
Kansas Annually
Kentucky Annually
Louisiana Annually
Maine Annually
Maryland Biannually
Massachusetts Annually
Michigan Annually
Minnesota Annually
Missouri Annually
Montana Annually
Nebraska Annually
Nevada Annually
New Hampshire Annually
New Jersey Annually
New Mexico Annually
North Carolina Annually
North Dakota Annually
Ohio Annually
Oklahoma Annually
South Carolina Annually
South Dakota Annually
Tennessee Annually
Texas Annually
Utah Annually
Vermont Annually
Virginia Annually
Washington Annually
West Virginia Annually
Wisconsin Annually

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