Does the state require or explicitly encourage reduced teaching loads for new and/or mentor teachers?

Does the state require or explicitly encourage reduced teaching loads for new and/or mentor teachers?

October 2019

Overview: Twenty-two states require or explicitly encourage reduced teaching loads for new and/or mentor teachers.

Does the state require or explicitly encourage reduced teaching loads for new and/or mentor teachers? Citations
Alabama No. N/A
Alaska No. N/A
Arizona No. N/A
Arkansas No. N/A
California No. Cal. Educ. Code § 44395
Colorado Yes. State regulation requires that induction programs establish standards for the selection, training and release of mentors who will work with new teachers. Regulation provides that effective induction programs should consider providing release time for both mentors and inductees. In addition, statute directs the state board to award grants through the Retaining Teachers Grant Program that may be used to reduce teacher-student contact hours and increase planning, mentoring and collaboration time for new teachers and mentor teachers. 1 Colo. Code Regs. § 301-37:8.00

Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 22-98-103
Connecticut Yes. State regulation establishes that mentors or mentor teams and their beginning teachers must receive no less than the equivalent of four school days of released time annually in order to engage in mentoring activities. Mentors or mentor teams supporting alternate route beginning teachers must receive no less than the equivalent of five school days of released time. Regs. Conn. St. Agencies § 10-220a-18
Delaware No. N/A
District of Columbia No. N/A
Florida No. N/A
Georgia Yes. State regulation establishes that professional learning funds may be used for release time for teachers to serve as mentors. Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. 160-3-3-.04
Hawaii No. N/A
Idaho No. N/A
Illinois Yes. State regulation requires that the state board of education evaluate applications for beginning teacher grants to determine the extent to which each meets certain criteria, including practices such as reduced course load for mentors and beginning teachers. Statute provides funding for new teacher induction and mentoring programs and specifies that funds may be used to provide release time. Ill. Admin. Code tit. 23, § 65.150

105 Ill. Comp. Stat. Ann. 5/21A-25
Indiana Yes. Statute establishes that a school corporation or charter school may receive a grant to implement a teacher performance model that incentivizes reduced teaching loads or provides release time for teacher leaders. Ind. Code Ann. § 20-20-43-4
Iowa Yes. State regulation requires that mentor and beginning teachers have released time to plan. Iowa Admin. Code r. 281-83.3(284)
Kansas No. Except that state regulation establishes that restricted license applicants and their mentors must be provided release time. Kan. Admin. Regs. 91-1-212
Kentucky No. N/A
Louisiana No. However, statute provides that within the mentorship pilot program, principals in participating schools must be as cooperative as possible in allowing participating new teachers and mentor teachers to arrange schedules to engage in mentorship activities. La. Stat. Ann. § 17:3773
Maine No. N/A
Maryland Yes. State regulation encourages local school systems to consider a reduction in the teaching schedule and a reduction in responsibilities for non-instructional activities outside of induction activities for first-year teachers. In addition, statute establishes the Teacher Induction, Retention, and Advancement Pilot Program which provides that participating first year teachers must be afforded at least 20 percent more time than teachers who are not first year teachers during the academic week to be spent on mentoring and related activities. Md. Code Regs. 13A.07.01.05

Md. Educ. Code Ann. § 6-117.1
Massachusetts Yes. State regulation requires all induction programs to include release time for mentor and beginning teachers so that they can engage in mentoring activities. 603 Mass. Code Regs. 7.12
Michigan No. N/A
Minnesota No. N/A
Mississippi No. However, statute allows districts to grant additional release time to mentor teachers to support beginning teachers. Miss. Code. Ann. § 37-9-211
Missouri Yes. Statute requires the department of elementary and secondary education to develop standards for high-quality mentoring for beginning teachers that include sufficient time for mentors and beginning teachers to engage in observations. State regulation establishes that sufficient time should allow for aligning of schedules and release time for mentoring activities. Mo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 161.375

Mo. Code Regs. Ann. tit. 5, § 20-400.380
Montana No. N/A
Nebraska Yes. State regulation requires a mentor teacher program to provide time for mentor and first-year teachers to meet and engage in other mentorship activities. 92 Neb. Admin. Code Ch. 26, 003
Nevada No. N/A
New Hampshire No. N/A
New Jersey Yes. State regulation establishes that state funds for the district mentoring program may be used for the costs associated with release time. N.J. Admin. Code § 6A:9C-5.1
New Mexico No. N/A
New York Yes. Statute requires that teacher interns carry no more than 90 percent classroom instruction assignment and that mentor teachers provide classroom instruction for at least 60 percent but no more than 90 percent classroom instruction. State regulation requires that a professional development plan must describe elements of the mentoring program, including the time allotted for mentoring activities. N.Y. Educ. Law § 3033

N.Y. Comp. Codes, R. & Regs. tit. 8, § 100.2
North Carolina Yes. Statute requires for the purpose of helping local boards support new teachers, the state board to develop and distribute guidelines addressing teaching load, extracurricular duties, student assignment and other working condition considerations. N.C. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 115C-300.1
North Dakota No. N/A
Ohio Yes. Statute establishes a grant program to assist schools in any of a number of innovations, including the provision of better conditions for new teachers such as reduced teaching loads. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3319.57
Oklahoma Yes. Statute establishes that certified lead teachers and master teachers have reduced teaching loads. However, while lead teachers are provided with reduced loads for mentoring, master teacher load reduction is not directly tied to mentoring responsibilities. Okla. Stat. Ann. tit. 70, § 6-190
Oregon Yes. Statute allows districts participating in the beginning teacher and administrator mentorship program to use stipends to provide release time for new teachers and mentors. State regulation provides funding to districts for eligible teachers to receive additional professional growth and career opportunities, including serving as a mentor teacher, and gives eligible teachers the option of receiving additional release time. Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 329.815

Or. Admin. R. 581-020-0025
Pennsylvania No. N/A
Rhode Island No. N/A
South Carolina Yes. Statute requires the state board of education to establish a program that awards incentive funds to teachers who serve as mentors, and release time is among the incentives that qualify. S.C. Code Ann. § 59-26-100
South Dakota No. N/A
Tennessee No. N/A
Texas Yes. Statute requires a school district to schedule release time or a reduced teaching load for mentor teachers and classroom teachers to engage in mentoring activities. Statute also provides funding for school districts implementing a mentor program that may be used for scheduled release time for mentors and new teachers. Tex. Educ. Code Ann. § 21.458

Tex. Educ. Code Ann. § 48.114

19 Tex. Admin. Code § 153.1011
Utah Yes. State regulation establishes that a local education agency should reduce a teacher leader's classroom workload to perform duties including mentoring. Utah Admin. Code r. R277-513-5
Vermont No. N/A
Virginia Yes. Statute requires local school boards to strive to provide adequate release time for mentor teachers. Va. Code Ann. § 22.1-305.1
Washington Yes. Statute establishes that a beginning educator support team program must include release time for mentors and program participants for mentoring activities. Wash. Rev. Code Ann. § 28A.415.265
West Virginia Yes. Statute requires county boards to adopt an implementation plan for improving professional practice that includes the manner in which the county will adjust its scheduling, use of substitutes, collaborative planning time, calendar or other measures to provide sufficient time to accomplish its professional personnel goals. W. Va. Code Ann. § 18A-3C-3
Wisconsin No. N/A
Wyoming No. N/A

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