Does the state provide special reciprocity (or other supports) for military spouses?

Teacher License Reciprocity:

Does the state provide special reciprocity (or other supports) for military spouses?

September 2017

Twenty-eight states provide special licensure reciprocity or supports for military spouses.

Does the state provide special reciprocity (or other supports) for military spouses? Citation/Source
Alabama Yes.  Alabama expedites the review of applications from military personnel and their spouses.  In addition, Alabama offers a one year Emergency Certificate for an individual to be employed while completing any certification requirements. 
Alaska No.
Arizona No.
Arkansas Yes. The State Board of Education can allow the spouse of an active duty military service member stationed in Arkansas to secure employment with a temporary license while completing the application process for full licensure if the applicant is the holder in good standing of a substantially equivalent license issued by another state. The Board can expedite the process and procedures for full licensure, certification, or permit for spouses of active duty military service members stationed in Arkansas. A.C.A. § 17-1-106
California No.
Colorado Yes. The department of education can issue a military spouse interim authorization that authorizes a school district to employ a person who is a military spouse and is certified or licensed, or is eligible for certification or licensure, as a teacher, special services provider, principal, or administrator in another state and who has not successfully completed the assessment of professional competencies to obtain an initial license but who meets the other requirements for an initial license. A military spouse interim authorization is valid for one year, and the department of education may renew the authorization for one additional year. The employing school district shall include the period during which a person works under a military spouse interim authorization toward the three full years of continuous employment necessary to cease being a probationary teacher. A school district that employs a person who holds a military spouse interim authorization may provide an induction program for the person. If the person successfully completes the induction program while employed under the military spouse interim authorization, he or she may apply the completion of the induction program toward meeting the requirements for a professional educator license. C.R.S.A. § 22-60.5-111
Connecticut No.
Delaware No.
District of Columbia No.
Florida No.
Georgia No.
Hawaii Yes. As part of the Joining Forces Pledge, Hawaii works closely with any military spouse who applies for a license.
Idaho Yes. According to statute, each of the professional and occupational licensing boards within the department of self-governing agencies may expedite the application of a member of the armed forces or reserves of the United States, the national guard of any state, the military reserves of any state or the naval militia of any state or a spouse of such person to receive licensure, certification or registration if such member or spouse of such member possesses necessary education, qualifications or licensure or certification from another state, possession, commonwealth or territory. I.C. § 67-2620
Illinois Yes. According to state statute, a service member or spouse of a service member may obtain a Professional Educator License with Stipulations, and a provisional educator endorsement in a specific content area or areas, if he or she holds a valid teaching certificate or license in good standing from another state, meets the qualifications of educators in the state, and has not engaged in any misconduct that would prohibit the individual from obtaining a license pursuant to Illinois law, including without limitation any administrative rules of the State Board of Education. 105 ILCS 5/21B-20
Indiana Yes. State statute requires the state board of education to adopt rules, including emergency rules, that establish procedures to expedite the issuance, renewal, or reinstatement of a teacher license to a military spouse whose husband or wife is assigned to a duty station in Indiana. IC 20-28-2-6
Iowa Yes. Iowa has a military exchange license available to military spouses. Military spouses who are eligible for licensure but who have course deficiencies can have their deficiencies and testing requirements waived for three years. I.C.A. § 272.8
Kansas No.
Kentucky Yes. The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board is required by law to issue a temporary or regular license or certificate within 30 days to the spouse of an active duty member of the military services of the United States if the spouse meets statutory requirements of the administrative body and sends in appropriate applicant documents. The license expires six months after the date of issuance and is not renewable. KRS § 12.357
Louisiana Yes. Statute requires professional licensing boards to issue a temporary practice permit to a military spouse trained in another state who is working towards meeting requirements for licensure and also requires the issuance of a license to applicants meeting certain conditions (including holding a “substantially equivalent” license and being able to “demonstrate competency” as determined by the board). LSA-R.S. 37:3651
Maine No. The law expediting the licensure process for military spouses does not apply to teachers. 10 M.R.S.A. § 8011
10 M.R.S.A. § 8001
Maryland Yes. State statute permits the state superintendent to issue a temporary educator certificate to a military spouse who holds a valid certificate or license in good standing in another state but who does not meet the qualifications for educator certification in Maryland if the individual is employed at a local school district and the district places a request for the individual to receive certification. Statute also permits expedited certification for military spouses meeting certain requirements. MD Code, Education, § 6-101.1
Massachusetts Yes. Spouses of current military personnel can have their application for licensure expedited. Source
Michigan Yes. The licensure application and evaluation fees for spouses of military personnel can be reimbursed. In addition, the Department of Education has a dedicated staff member who guides spouse applicants through the licensure process.
Minnesota Yes. Minnesota offers expedited and temporary licensing for spouses of active duty military members. M.S.A. § 122A.18
M.S.A. § 197.4552
Mississippi Yes. State statute requires the Department of Education to issue a license to a military spouse who, among other requirements, holds a current license from an issuing state with substantially equivalent licensure requirements and who can demonstrate competency in the occupation through methods determined by the board. Miss. Code Ann. § 37-3-2
Miss. Code Ann. §73-50-1
Missouri Yes. State statute requires the state board to authorize the issuance of a Provisional License to a spouse of the Armed Forces stationed in Missouri so that the holder can assume classroom duties pending the completion of a criminal background check. V.A.M.S. 168.021
Montana No.
Nebraska No.
Nevada Yes. State statute require opportunities for reciprocity of licensure for any person who holds a valid out-of-state license and who is a spouse of an active member of the Armed Forces or surviving spouse of a veteran. State statute also authorizes the Department of Education to waive licensing fees for these individuals. N.R.S. 622.510
NRS 391.040
New Hampshire No.
New Jersey Yes. State statute requires the State Board of Education to establish a procedure for the issuance of a temporary instructional certificate to a nonresident military spouse so that a board of education can employ the spouse as a teacher on a temporary basis while he/she completes any additional requirements for an instructional certificate that were not required in the issuing state. He/she must: 1) hold a valid, current and comparable license issued by another state, 2) demonstrate competency in a manner determined by the State Board of Examiners, such as having taught successfully for at least three years, and 3) pay applicable licensing fees. The certificate is valid for 180 days but may be extended at the discretion of the State Board of Examiners. N.J.S.A. 18A:26-2.14
New Mexico No.
New York No.
North Carolina Yes. Spouses of active duty military personnel in the Armed Forces whose military duty station is in the state of North Carolina and who have been employed by a North Carolina public school must meet all the requirements for licensure. However, the North Carolina State Board of Education cannot require that the licensure exam scores of spouses of active duty military personnel who have been employed in a North Carolina public school come from the same state in which the out-of-state applicant completed his/her educator preparation program.
North Dakota No.
Ohio Yes. Fees for any initial educator license or renewal are waived for spouses of active duty service members. Source
Oklahoma No.
Oregon Yes. Oregon will expedite licensing (process an application in two work days) for a military spouse if a school district requests the expedited service and can provide evidence that the candidate meets all of the requirements for licensure. Or. Admin. R. 584-200-0040
Pennsylvania Yes. Military spouses are eligible to receive preferential application handling and a reduced application fee when applying for any educator certification. Applicants must meet Pennsylvania certification requirements to receive a license. Source
Rhode Island No.
South Carolina Yes. Applicants are eligible for expedited processing of their application if their spouse is an active military service member being assigned to South Carolina. Source
South Dakota Yes. The Department of Education is required to make a determination on the licensure application of a military spouse within 30 days of receiving the completed application. If the Secretary cannot make the determination within 30 days, a provisional certificate must be issued for a period of one year. Source
Tennessee No.
Texas Yes. Military spouses of active duty members are exempt from the following application fees: Review of Credentials; One-Year Certificate; Standard certificates for subject areas approved in your review of credentials; $11 of the registration fee for certification examinations administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS), this does not include registration fees for tests taken for certification by exam only. Source
Utah No.
Vermont No.
Virginia No.
Washington Yes. A military spouse can receive expedited issuance of the appropriate certificate provided the applicant is the spouse of a military member subject to transfer within the state, left employment in another state to accompany the member to Washington, and meets all other licensing standards for teachers. RCW 18.340.020
WAC 181-79A-257(3)
West Virginia Yes. Applicants may receive a temporary teaching certificate provided he/she is married to a member of the Armed Forces who is on active duty, holds a current teaching certificate from any state or territory, and provides proof of spouses station orders. The certificate is valid for one year. W. Va. Code § 18A-3-2A
Wisconsin No.
Wyoming Yes. The Wyoming Professional Teacher Standards Board is required by statute to allow a military spouse to teach if the spouse: 1) holds a relevant, active occupational or professional license in good standing from another state which requires substantially equivalent or more stringent educational, training, examination and experience requirements for licensure, 2) demonstrates competency in the occupation or profession for which the military spouse applicant seeks licensure, 3) has not engaged in any act that would constitute grounds for refusal, suspension or revocation of the occupational or professional license sought in this state; and 4) completes all required application procedures and pays any required fee. W.S.1977 § 33-1-117

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