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  Friday, July 8, 2011
7:00 AM4:00 PM
Registration Desk (session #300)
7:00 AM4:00 PM
Cyber Cafe (session #305)
7:00 AM8:00 AM
Buffet Breakfast (session #310)
8:00 AM8:05 AM
Welcome from ECS President Roger Sampson (session #315)
8:05 AM8:20 AM
Brief Session with Mark Nieker (session #316)
Mark Nieker
Mark Nieker, President, Pearson Foundation, New York
8:20 AM9:05 AM
Governors' Panel (session #317)
9:10 AM9:55 AM
Hess’ Hot Button Issues and What He’d Like to See You Do About Them (session #318)
You asked for his return to the ECS National Forum on Education Policy. Here's Rick Hess to help fulfill the ECS goal to "make the body politic itch." Rick will tackle a few of the current education policy issues that we’re all hearing and reading about daily and take us in new directions on how we can or should look at these issues as real opportunities for educational change and reform.

Frederick Hess
Frederick Hess, Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, District of Columbia
9:55 AM10:05 AM
Coffee Break (session #320)
10:05 AM11:05 AM
Brain Rules and What They Mean for Education (session #325)
Dr. John Medina: At your request, Dr. Medina will be back! The highly entertaining, knowledgeable and engaging molecular biologist and author of Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby will address implications for learning and for policy. For a preview, see

John Medina
John Medina, Developmental Molecular Biologist, University of Washington School of Medicine, Washington
11:05 AM11:15 AM
Break (session #326)
11:15 AM12:15 PM
More with John Medina (session #330)
This is your chance to question Dr. Medina more deeply about the ways in which state policy could better build on his research. For a preview, see

John Medina
John Medina, Developmental Molecular Biologist, University of Washington School of Medicine, Washington
11:15 AM12:15 PM
The Boulder Higher Education Brain Trust (session #331)
Participate in a free-wheeling discussion with the leaders of WICHE, SHEEO and NCHEMS as they wax poetic about the latest in higher education policy reform.

Dennis P. Jones
Dennis Jones, President, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, Colorado
Paul Lingenfelter
Paul Lingenfelter, President, State Higher Education Executive Officers, Colorado
David Longanecker
David Longanecker, President, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Colorado
11:15 AM12:15 PM
The Common Core: Out of the Chute and Into the Arena (session #333)
This session looks at critical considerations, next steps and advice from states “leading the ride” regarding the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Rebecca Garland, Chief Academic Officer, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, North Carolina
Amelia Hodges, Associate Secretary, Delaware Department of Education, Delaware
Linda B. Rogers
Linda Rogers, Associate Secretary of Education, Teaching and Learning, Delaware Department of Education, Delaware
11:15 AM12:15 PM
With All of Our High School Reforms, Why Are Kids Still Not Well-Prepared for College and Work? (session #334)
In spite of increasing graduation requirements and raising the bar on high school assessments, recent reports indicate that far too many students are ill-prepared for entry into college, work or the military. This session explores means by which states can potentially move the needle on college- and career-readiness for all students.

Elaine Allensworth
Elaine Allensworth, Co-director for Statistical Analysis, University of Chicago, Illinois
12:15 PM1:45 PM
Plenary Lunch (session #340)
2:00 PM6:00 PM
NCLC Board Meeting (Invitation Only) (session #345)
2:00 PM5:00 PM
Leveraging State Investments in Remedial Education (session #350)
Welcome Remarks

Mike Collins
Michael Collins, Program Director, Jobs for the Future, Massachusetts
Joe Garcia
Hon. Joe Garcia, Lieutenant Governor and Executive Director, Colorado Department of Higher Education, Colorado
Bruce Vandal
Bruce Vandal, Postsecondary Education and Workforce Development Institute Director, Education Commission of the States, Colorado
2:15 PM3:30 PM
The Real Story of Remedial Education (session #351)
This session will explore the role of remedial education can and should play in state efforts to increase college completion. We will explore who is to "blame" for remedial education, what are the real costs and how state policymakers could construct a public dialogue in their state around increasing the success of students in remedial education.

Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey, Director, Community College Research Center, Teachers College Columbia University, New York
Tara L. Parker
Tara Parker, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, University of Massachusetts - Boston, Massachusetts
Uri Treisman
Uri Treisman, Professor of Mathematics and Executive Director, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas
Jane Wellman
Jane Wellman, Executive Director, National Association of System Heads, District of Columbia
3:30 PM5:00 PM
Successful Remedial Education Reform Strategies (session #352)
This session will look at how states and systems can develop comprehensive strategies that will increase the college success of students who enroll in developmental education.

Treva Berryman
Treva Berryman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Tennessee Board of Regents, Tennessee
Gretchen Schmidt, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Virginia Community College System, Virginia
Shanna Smith Jaggars
Shanna Smith Jaggars, Senior Research Associate, Columbia University, New York
2:00 PM4:00 PM
Building the Next Generation of P-20 System Alignment (session #355)
Getting agencies to work together is tough business, and state-level P-20 councils have been accused (rightly or wrongly) of window-dressing. This session will explore the following questions: What is a truly P-20 system? What are the benefits of establishing such a system? Is the creation of a P-20 council necessary? What are the key leverage points to make a genuine P-20 system a reality in your state?

Matt Gianneschi
Matt Gianneschi, Deputy Executive Director, Colorado Department of Higher Education, Colorado

Sherri Killins, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, Massachusetts
Michael D. Usdan
Michael Usdan, Senior Fellow, The Institute for Educational Leadership, District of Columbia
Richard Westerberg, President, Idaho State Board of Education, Idaho
Jennifer Dounay Zinth
Jennifer Dounay Zinth, Senior Policy Analyst, Education Commission of the States, Colorado
6:00 PM8:00 PM
NCLC Board Meeting Dinner (Invitation Only) (session #360)

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